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Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo – Art show photos

Featuring: Edgar de Camargo, Mildred, Mats!?, Danielone, Alan Crisogno and Pacolli. In exhibition until the end of October at True Love Tattoo <3



High in the Bay is back!

we’re adding new stuff almost everyday and there’s some real deals there if i may say it. and all the orders now come with free stuff, YES FREE :)

pillow case pack + zine, poster and stickers

to all the dreamers out there

wesside dreams

i had a couple days to screen print some stuff in sao paulo using my old screens, so no new drawings but still was fun printing freestyle.

made some baby pillow cases too cause they are too cute, collab with milly.

and they come in a sweet package

shitface shirt

like the cover of the sold out shitface zine

oh yeah, this shirt comes in a pack like this (down) with stickers and a poster!

also we brought some new screen to print at home in san francisco, the BeavBart shirt is one of them. Pretty cool, huh? by Mildred

double zine pack

the double zine pack is available at high in the bay or at POW in london (UK)

and sometimes we like to get weird,

the tide is high pack

all of our friends (almost) are having babies, so

i made a pack with my friend tati, check it out! we’re selling a bunch of cute little purses, brooches, keychains, wallets and pencil cases that she makes, they are adorable! directly from sao paulo, brasil

the tree trunk pencil case is so cool

i learned from a friend that you’re only independent for real when you know how to make your favorite drink fabulously at home so, ta-da! bloody mary party!!!

Pics from Dream Team show * new prints

my buddy mike posted a bunch of the pics from our show at vans art blog website, check it out!

the love movement

brasil was so much fun, we screen printed some stuff. (thanks maya!)

made a new shirt design

made some baby shirts and onesies

and got a new print made by shn and choque cultural

an even got to escape from the babylon city to chill by the sea




dream team @ choque cultural (part 2)

more pics from the show, slowly but surely will post a bunch of pics

my wall

my big sticker piece framed


don't be throwing no shade

and you should always save a moment for yourself, reminisce


* * * coletiva 2011 @ choque cultural * * *

coletiva 2011 @ choque cultural

my little corner of the art show

sweat and tears

and props to stephan, nara, haroldo, pinga and naty for helping me paint the walls :)

art is available to purchase through the gallery here.

i still need to get good pics of the show, here’s some art from the other artists from the show

pingarilho and SHN stickers


more pingarilho’s art

SHN's giant piece


SHN everywhere

Base V

need more pics of the show, go check base v awesome stuff!

more news and pics coming soon.

SP X SF @ Needles and Pens

alright! it’s been a while since i posted something here. i’ve been super busy with a bunch of work, freelance, art shows so yeah it’s all cool. the sao paulo art show was fun, me and my beloved husband spent the night  before the opening painting the bricks on the wall and hanging stuff. david posted something on his blog check it out!

here’s some photos and to see more check out our FECAL FACE pals posted pics from the opening :)

SPXSF @Needles and Pens

my stuff

i could never take a good pic of this drawing, thanks john! good job!

carlos dias art

stephan doitschinoff aka calma

danielone's skulls madness and znort's sculpture

mildred and me collab <3

stephan always told me i should paint on canvas, well i drew on canvas. does it count? haha

carlos dias aka asa

breezy and andrew! they rule! thanks for everything guys :)

mildredy! helped me doing everything for this art show. thanks babe!

jessica and breezy having fun with diego medina's free stickers madness

somebody asked me, why are those stickers for free?! well, diego medina is a cool dude. freebies rule!

lil stickers i did and daniel's piece, sold.

screenprint 1/1 collab between me and mildred

i changed some stuff on the walls in the morning but anyway i'll post more pics soon

it all changed but it looked like this for like a couple hours

i’m gonna make a lil video and take more pics soon. i just need a lil break.