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Sweatshirt, Perfume and Post Its

Bundle up in one of our – one of a kind – sweatshirts! Available at High in the Bay.

Melissa made a perfume and chose one of my stickers as a label, i loved it!!!

This time of the year, classic and awesome mind-blowing show curated by the greatests Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson @ Giant Robot in Los Angeles! I submitted 6 post-its and have seen amazing ones from other artists. Wish i was in LA for this, if you’re in LA you should definitely go!


High in the Bay is back! With new Sweatshirts!!!

Collab Freestyle one of a kind sweatshirt with the new designs!

Available at High in the Bay.


Free Shipping @ High in the Bay

High in the Bay has a summer deal going on, spend 20 bucks and get free shipping, woohoo! Enjoy!

New Buttons

Finally got new buttons made for High in the Bay, check it out!

We’re throwing some extra goodies with every purchase as usual. Cheers!

New sets of hand painted cup and saucer

I always have fun painting porcelain, here’s two new sets i just painted and they are available at High in the Bay.

Flower Power, BAM!

High in the Bay


Screen Print Extravaganza

I’m happy to share some of my favorite screen print extravaganza apparel we made recently

Front and back takes a really long time to do it, but still one of my favorites.

Shipping this one to NYC!

Pink (Large) available @ High in the Bay

i always add little goodies when i ship orders. Spread love, you know!

sticker pack

X-Mas Sale, everything 20% off

That’s right! It’s the end of the world (?!) and we’re in a mood to share things and give on discounts and giveaways (stay tuned). So High in the Bay will have all the items 20% off until X-Mas eve!


Got some buttons made and i’m sending a free button with every purchase at High in the Bay. Last week to get it before we go on vacation mode for a month!

Milly and i made button packs together.


High in the Bay is back on track and SUMMER SALE starts now! Spend $35 or more and get 20% OFF your purchase, all items included! Use code: SUMMERTIME on check out.

Porcelain Sale

Sale! Sale! Sale!