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Holiday Blowout @ Fecal Face – Photos

High in the Bay!

The Holiday Blowout was so much fun, all i can say is that i got John Waters’s X-mas gift there while supporting Hamburger Eyes. Oh yeah, i bet he’s gonna love it.

Kyle Ranson making an awesome portrait


You can see all the photos at Fecal Face, just click here.

my handsome husband


Good Company

Hey LA folks, stop by Meltdown Comics and waste that laundry money on some STINCKERS! My lucky Stinckers are in such good company it makes me blush, Daniel Clowes, Steven Weissman, Mats!? and me!

“Dude, Monsters” group show @ Think Tank (LA)

Group show coming up at Think Tank Gallery in Los Angeles! I heard they’re gonna have a half pipe to skate there or something, so besides the sweet line-up it looks like it’s gonna be a lil’ party there at the opening! Check out the teaser:

And the mighty Michael Hsiung talking about his art and the show (spotted some of my art on his wall, ha)



why do we have to put a title on everything?

outside 111 Minna

painted some mugs

available here

and my friend’s baby room got all the paintings framed and on the wall, check it out

fat zine packs

making zine packs is fun, they’re getting fatter and fatter each time i make a new one.

a fat pack of stickers was made too

collab sticker pack mildred+pacolli

me and mildred decided to put together a poster pack, this is a one timer only cause that’s all that’s left

the mildred’s posters were screenprinted by myself in my old apartment- good old times.

hey, if you’re in philly you should go check out the solo show of michael hsiung at slingluff gallery. looks amazing and i really wish i could go to this show.

annnd here in SF the amazing duo show by the genius travis millard and mel kadel @ FFDG. mind blowing, jaw dropper show. mildred took cool pics too check it out here.

man, i am so into brad neely‘s animation. i think he’s underrated and fuck all those cartoons (except simpsons and south park cause they have their own legit thing going on) BABY CAKES is the shit, enjoy!



YO,  so fecal face rules and all of that you already know so check out the pics on FECAL FACE from our (mildred and me) duo art show @ lower haters. CLICKHERE :)

thanks guys!

we are us

we are us

we are us * duo art show * mildred & pacolli * @ lower haters, san francisco, ca

opening is this friday and we’re super busy getting more and more and more stuff for the show. so if you’re in the bay area come over for a drink and check out the art stuff going on.

see you there!

WE ARE US @ lower haters gallery

Me and Mildred have a duo art show coming next month at Lower Haters (SF,CA). we’ve been drawing and frame hunting A LOT! and we’re excited about it. lower haters crew allowed us to go crazy and do whatever we want and that’s super sweet! now things will go with the flow, i’ll keep posting the progress and new stuff we’re coming up soon.

SP X SF @ Needles and Pens

alright! it’s been a while since i posted something here. i’ve been super busy with a bunch of work, freelance, art shows so yeah it’s all cool. the sao paulo art show was fun, me and my beloved husband spent the night  before the opening painting the bricks on the wall and hanging stuff. david posted something on his blog check it out!

here’s some photos and to see more check out our FECAL FACE pals posted pics from the opening :)

SPXSF @Needles and Pens

my stuff

i could never take a good pic of this drawing, thanks john! good job!

carlos dias art

stephan doitschinoff aka calma

danielone's skulls madness and znort's sculpture

mildred and me collab <3

stephan always told me i should paint on canvas, well i drew on canvas. does it count? haha

carlos dias aka asa

breezy and andrew! they rule! thanks for everything guys :)

mildredy! helped me doing everything for this art show. thanks babe!

jessica and breezy having fun with diego medina's free stickers madness

somebody asked me, why are those stickers for free?! well, diego medina is a cool dude. freebies rule!

lil stickers i did and daniel's piece, sold.

screenprint 1/1 collab between me and mildred

i changed some stuff on the walls in the morning but anyway i'll post more pics soon

it all changed but it looked like this for like a couple hours

i’m gonna make a lil video and take more pics soon. i just need a lil break.