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Bendgy was sweet!

all the porcelain is sold out, thank you guys! we’ll be painting more soon.

It’s very nice and very overwhelming to be in Sao Paulo, too many things to do. There’s a lot of good news coming soon, stay tuned!


Bendgy no Mancha, again!

Another special afternoon with drinks, good music and Bendgy!

Bendgy @ Casa do Mancha * october 12th
3pm-9pm Rua Felipe de Alcaçova, sem numero
Entrada Gratuita


Bendgy @ Mancha’s

when you’re having too much fun you don’t take too many photos.

thanks to all friends that made it awesome, i had a blast! also i got drunk and sang teenage fanclub with the band (no videos allowed).



High in the Bay and Bendgy are the same thing, except Bendgy is older and it is not online stuff it’s real life fun! With live music and drinks!

If you are in São Paulo and wanna have some fun come to Bendgy saturday. I brought a bunch of awesome zines, shirts, posters, porcelains and other goodies. See you there!