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The Last Chance Kids zine, for free and online!

I found out recently that Volcom uploaded the whole “The Last Chance Kids” zine online! Volcom Brasil published the zine for me in 2010 as a part of their Featured Artists project. It’s pretty cool to slip through it again and go back in time around 2009-mid 2010 when i was traveling around the world, moving to San Francisco, getting married, fighting the law, painting non stop and having a lot of fun! To see the whole zine click here.

If you want to own a copy to hold and love it, you can get it at High in the Bay!









i think it’s as hard to be a comic book artist as much as it is to be a comic book shop owner. there’s something that keep us all going on and it’s the love for comics. yesterday i heard the news that Comic Relief in Berkeley was closed. and i know that my buddy Al was struggling to pay the rent on market st, and man, it’s expensive to have whatever place in san francisco. it’s outta hand! He has the shop for 21 years already and now there’s a risk of losing it.

anyway, what i’m trying to say is GO TO AL’S COMICS TODAY AND BUY COMICS! he’s having a big sale and he has a bunch of real sweet comics there. i don’t know much about super heroes comics but i guarantee that he has fantagraphics classics and rarities. r.crumb, dan clowes, peter bagge (i even found there the 7″ from the Action Suits aka Peter Bagge’s band).

go to his ebay store to support too!

al is the first friend i made in san francisco. he rules!! please support :)




hooray! my stinckers are available at Giant Robot San Francisco!
sweeeeeeeeeet! should be available soon at Giant Robot LA too!
dammmmn, this is like so sweet!
thanks a bunch mr. mats! and mr. weissmann!

stinck forever

my teenage years would have been much lonelier without you, mr clowes

daniel clowes is one of my fav artists from all times. he’s gonna be signing his new book “wilson” tonite at booksmith, in san francisco. i’m going there for sure. i’m nervous. this is too cool. i remember waiting months to get his books in sao paulo, used to take forever! now it’s easy, and he comes over to the local bookstore and all this. damn. is this real?

volcomics 2

the second issue of volcomics is out!  it’s a collection of artistic comic strips and not comic strips drawn by volcom feature artists as travis millard, michael sieben, mel kadel, ozzy, nell blender, nick trapasso, todd bratrud and a lot of other nice artists. i was stoked to get a page there. thanks buddies from volcom!!

you can see it online here, and soon a printed version in a cool place near ya!