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The last BENDGY of the year!

That’s right! We’re screen printing a whole new serie of one of a kind t-shirts!

Ultima chamada Brasil ;-)

Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo

I’m in Brazil already getting ready to the first party this saturday at the very awesome True Love Tattoo Studio! We’re putting together an art show with Edgar de Camargo, Mildred, Danielone, Mats Stromberg , Crew from True Love Tattoo and me.

Besides that I’m screen printing new t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, prints and a limited edition sketchbook. That’s right! Can’t wait for saturday! Te vejo lá!

Free Shipping @ High in the Bay

High in the Bay has a summer deal going on, spend 20 bucks and get free shipping, woohoo! Enjoy!

New sets of hand painted cup and saucer

I always have fun painting porcelain, here’s two new sets i just painted and they are available at High in the Bay.

Flower Power, BAM!

High in the Bay


Out of print zines available, last call!

Last chance to get these out of print zines! I got a lot of emails of people asking if i still had another copy of Shitface, and hey, that’s the last one i have.

Mildred also have only these 2 copies of his zine “Riff Raff” and one of them comes in a pack with “Shitface” and the other comes in a pack with the also out of print “SPXSF”. They’re available to purchase at High in the Bay.

The packs comes with 2 zines, one hand drawn postcard, a bunch of stickers and a button.

I finished reading Ronnie Spector’s biography and i wanna be friends with her forever!



New Sweatshirts and T-shirts

New collab sweatshirt made by Mildred and me. It’s one of those freestyle screen prints we like to do, it’s a one of a kind piece (people always doubt that for some strange reason), we screen print every little drawing at once, you have to wait for them to dry to make a new one. It takes time, patience and a lot of love! But i love doing it and i can only print these in Brasil (almost all my screens are still there), so get it before it’s gone !

The cover of my new zine is printed on it too!

drawings from Shitface zine also on this shirt

Annnnnnd High in the Bay is having a new deal going on! Spend at least $25 and get FREE SHIPPING! Valid only for US residents.
Use code : FREESHIPPINGUSA on check out ♥

Holiday Blowout @ Fecal Face – Photos

High in the Bay!

The Holiday Blowout was so much fun, all i can say is that i got John Waters’s X-mas gift there while supporting Hamburger Eyes. Oh yeah, i bet he’s gonna love it.

Kyle Ranson making an awesome portrait


You can see all the photos at Fecal Face, just click here.

my handsome husband

Holiday Blowout @ Fecal Face this friday!

Hello San Francisco, come over this friday to the Holiday Blowout at Fecal Face! It’s gonna be sweeeet! Beers, zines, friends, vietnamese spring roll, posters, t-shirts, mugs, beer, etc. We (High in the Bay, aka Mildred and me) will bring a bunch of new stuff, lots of little giveaways so come say hi!




Cyber Monday

Ok, we gave up. Cyber Monday is ON! 20%OFF anything, yes even original art!



Endless Summer

Milly and me @ Mottinha’s house

new zine, 200 copies made

new shirts

more sticker packs at high in the bay

baby shirts

more collabs