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Desert Island (Brooklyn)

So happy to have t-shirts, zines and zine packs at Desert Island again!!!

i made sure to make them extra special (every t-shirt comes with a button and hand drawn stickers)

Desert Island is at 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-5087


*D*O*U*B*L*E Z*I*N*E P*A*C*K

double zine pack (mildred+pacolli)

double zine packs for sale. includes 1 mildred’s “smoking is cool”zine, 1 pacolli’s shitface zine, doodles, stickers, and a pacolli color double-sided poster. $13 each. got questions? just ask

mildred’s zine here, check it out man!

you can see inside my zine here.

we accept paypal fosho.