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air head

two cool things i absolutely forgot to post, the video walk through the dream team show. it’s a quick one and it goes like this

and a link to a Q+A gonzo did with me and milly for soma magazine. it’s in portuguese though.

oh yeah, there’s new prints coming up through POW this week. stay tuned!


doo wopping * dream team on fecal face part 1 and 2

i don’t think i posted pics of this piece i did with milly, it’s called “doo wopping through the hard times”, 18×24″ ink, gesso and acrylic on wood panel it was on the Dream Team show at Choque Cultural Gallery. By the way, there’s a BUNCH of photos of the trip to Brasil and the art show featured on FECAL FACE. Thanks John! check it out, part 1 and part 2.

my wall


Pics from Dream Team show * new prints

my buddy mike posted a bunch of the pics from our show at vans art blog website, check it out!

the love movement

brasil was so much fun, we screen printed some stuff. (thanks maya!)

made a new shirt design

made some baby shirts and onesies

and got a new print made by shn and choque cultural

an even got to escape from the babylon city to chill by the sea




dream team @ choque cultural (part 2)

more pics from the show, slowly but surely will post a bunch of pics

my wall

my big sticker piece framed


don't be throwing no shade

and you should always save a moment for yourself, reminisce


dream team @ choque cultural

the show is open!

dream team @ choque cultural

go to choque cultural, rua joao moura, 997 pinheiros

flyers by mildred, michael hsiung, mats!?, ll cool jo, ephameron and me

will post more pics soon

for now check out vans art blog and vista magazine to know stuff about our show ;-)