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Kid Vanilla and me

The adorable indie label Kid Vanilla from Antwerp, Belgium just put out their new collection. My all over brick wall design became a dress and a skirt, check it out

Kid Vanilla

Eva, the woman behind Kid Vanilla is the former owner of 85 Gallery, the very first place i had a show so yay!! Long life KV!


Lighten up, it’s just fashion!

I always enjoy making designs for clothing, I have 2 recent designs coming up. One is a all over print for a dress to Kid Vanilla (Antwerp) which i love love love! She has great taste, we’ve been following each others work for years, she hooked me up with my very 1st art show ever. It was in 2006 and it was a fashion show in Antwerp at her former gallery (85 Gallery) and it was very exciting to print a bunch of tee’s and ship there for the show.

all over print for Kid Vanilla

I also have another design coming up for Ambiguous Clothing of our fellow Human Pyramider Teddy Kelly. Sweeeeeeeeet! So stoked!

design for Ambiguous

Oh man, and talking about fashion and friends my awesome artist friend Martine turned a sweatshirt i made a few years ago and turned into a bag! It used to look like this:

Martine rocking my sweatshirt in a yard sale in Antwerp, 2009

and now the bag version of it:

Martine is über talented check out her art :)

Did i posted Michael’s rocking my desperate living shirt? He rulez too and so does his art. What can i say, my friends are awesome!

Michael Hsiung and his magic apartment

hand drawn shirt by Mildred

My awesome husband made me a handmade shirt of Santino from Project Runway, like hello!! I was hysterical! We’re so addicted to this show. One time i was in NYC with my friend and sista Juli at Parsons while she was studying there and i was looking everywhere to see if i spotted Tim Gunn somewhere hahaha I was so nervous cause Tim is amazing, i’m a sincere fan. Check out Juliana’s own label Nea, i promise it’s fabulous.



they even made a lil catalog book