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Holiday Blowout @ Fecal Face – Photos

High in the Bay!

The Holiday Blowout was so much fun, all i can say is that i got John Waters’s X-mas gift there while supporting Hamburger Eyes. Oh yeah, i bet he’s gonna love it.

Kyle Ranson making an awesome portrait


You can see all the photos at Fecal Face, just click here.

my handsome husband


Holiday Blowout @ Fecal Face this friday!

Hello San Francisco, come over this friday to the Holiday Blowout at Fecal Face! It’s gonna be sweeeet! Beers, zines, friends, vietnamese spring roll, posters, t-shirts, mugs, beer, etc. We (High in the Bay, aka Mildred and me) will bring a bunch of new stuff, lots of little giveaways so come say hi!




What’s up

I’ve been working lately on a few different projects, just finished a sticker and t-shirt design to one of my favorite bands ever! I don’t think i should post it before they do it but i can say i put my heart on it big time and i’m happy about it! I also sent some art for a typography book coming up soon. And have another commission in the works. For now i can share some pieces i don’t think i posted here before

Misfortune Cookie Prize

Born with the Blues

I think this one (up) is still available at Choque Cultural in Brasil, it has a fancy pretty frame too.

I painted this ashtray the other night, it’s available at the one and only High in the Bay.

What else is new? Hmm i spotted some of my pieces on the personal collection of the great artist and dear friend of mine Stephan Doitschinoff :) There’s a Mildred’s print there too. I can’t get enough of Stephan’s art, always so inspiring!

He also sent me a link to an interview from back in the days that’s pretty cool (in portuguese only) for Mtv Brasil wearing a shirt i screen printed for him, enjoy!

Last but not least, i’m participating in an awesome group show coming up at FFDG aka Fecal Face Gallery, yay! I’ll post the flyer here when i get it, the name of the show is inspired by a smoke shop sign in the Mission and it’s called “Cigarettes, Phone Cards & Hip Hop Clothing” i love the name of the show and i’m so excited for it. It opens on 4/20 how perfect is that for a celebration?!

doo wopping * dream team on fecal face part 1 and 2

i don’t think i posted pics of this piece i did with milly, it’s called “doo wopping through the hard times”, 18×24″ ink, gesso and acrylic on wood panel it was on the Dream Team show at Choque Cultural Gallery. By the way, there’s a BUNCH of photos of the trip to Brasil and the art show featured on FECAL FACE. Thanks John! check it out, part 1 and part 2.

my wall



Yo, got a big post about my trip to London and my installation at POW up on FECAL FACE, woohoo. thanks John!

my fav photo of all is this one

flowers are cool. i like the fake plastic ones too.

mannequins are awesome, i wish i had those to draw on

mr. 4 fingers

family rulez

sam and rosa

sam sammons and dora

london, summertime, picnic, magners, bbq=you guys are too cool!

Pat Pisanelli

have you check out the post on Fecal Face yet? many pics of the originals i saw there, between some mind blowing Date Farmers to the amazing Ian Stevenson, Dran, and many more

Date Farmers (available at POW)

and back to the wessssiiiiiidddddddeeeeee

just finished a new piece with tiny details, will post about it soon.




Tattoo * Human Pyramids on Fecal Face * Stinckers

my buddy fabio got one of my drawings on his skin, crazyyyyy! of course i loved it, it’s the 1st time somebody get my drawing tattooed :)

dude, PULP is back officially. i can tell by the videos of their 1st show together in years that it was a blast!

Oh yeah, the Human Pyramids show is coming down this weekend. My pal Michael posted about it on Fecal Face, another master coverage of what’s going on in the art world right now. And hell yeah for international shows!

fabio wearing a sweatshirt i made years ago, i miss freestyle screen printing.

picture from 2007

oh yeah, and at last but not least: there’s new STINCKERS?! on the machine at Giant Robot Los Angeles.

Mats, Pacolli, Daniel Clowes and Benjamin Marra

fecal face * happily ever after * omg it’s monday

FECAL FACE posted about Coletiva 2011 group show @ Choque Cultural! Thanks John! Woohoo! :)* check it out*

Me and Mildred are participating in this married artist couples show at Together Gallery, in Portland, OR. Nice line up curated by the great Timothy Karpinski.

this piece will be in the show.

9x15" ink on paper, 2011

 check out a lil Q+A with some Human Pyramids artists and me.

*the day after 420* or *20 zine packs*

hope y’all had a nice day yesterday. mine was pretty good. modern times are crazy, we were chillin’ doodlin’ and listening to live dj set by snoop dogg, and he was on his webcam! kinda weird but it was fun! sweet tunes!

me and mildred made 20 zine packs containing 2 zines, 1 postcard and a bunch of stickers (handmade, screen printed and vinyl). we made some stencils for the tags.

and i only have very few copies of SPXSF and i highly recommend you to get yourself a copy before it’s too late.

and some RIFF RAFF zine, here featured on your favorite local website -> fecal face, of course!

and running out of copies of shitface, get yours or wave bye bye. oh yeah these packs will be shipping tomorrow to mother england, so london friends, hooray!

happy 420 everyday dear readers!



YO,  so fecal face rules and all of that you already know so check out the pics on FECAL FACE from our (mildred and me) duo art show @ lower haters. CLICKHERE :)

thanks guys!

final countdown

making stuff

so much coffee going on.

we just ordered an XL pizza. oh america!

got this piece back from krets gallery, sweden. but now it looks different.

i’d give a zine away if somebody deliver a double rainbow chocolate ice cream here.

the end.