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dream team @ choque cultural

the show is open!

dream team @ choque cultural

go to choque cultural, rua joao moura, 997 pinheiros

flyers by mildred, michael hsiung, mats!?, ll cool jo, ephameron and me

will post more pics soon

for now check out vans art blog and vista magazine to know stuff about our show ;-)





Dream Team @ Choque Cultural ( Sao Paulo, BR)

getting ready for brazil, our group show dream team is coming up soon. me and mildred are flying there to install the show and cause some trouble.

flyer: LL Cool Jo

choque will print 6 different flyers for the show.

flyer: Mildred

20 amazing artists from 6 different countries in one sweet show.

flyer: Michael Hsiung

i got to see a lot of art that’s gonna be in the show and it’s pretty impressive, i’m so excited!

flyer: Mats?!

The adorable Ephameron will be in Brazil too! Did i said that we’re gonna have a High in the Bay + Bendgy art sale with a bunch of awesome prints, zines and shirts from rad artists from all over the globe? Oh yeah!

flyer: Ephameron

i decided to pick this image for the flyer cause i’m blessed by ru paul and no shade can ever be thrown, worrrrrrrrk!

flyer: pacolli

For more infos about the show, click here.


B for Bouffant


new stuff for the show at choque.

the ronettes and phil spector

made this version on glitter scratch board…

and new stickers from me and mildred -> HIGH IN THE BAY

get now or wait till i come back from brazil, HIGH IN THE BAY will be on vacation mode during march, you still have a week from now.

This weekend me and david will be installing our stuff at LOPO Gallery, the show opens March 12th and there’s art from Bo Heimlich, Chad Hasegawa, David Ball, Do It,  Jason C. Arnold, Jason Vivona, Jesse Balmer, Justin Lovato, Matt Miller, Mildred, Ryan De La Hoz and me!  i saw some stuff already at the gallery and it looks sweeeeet.