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5×7″ acrylic and ink on wood board, 2012

Another piece for a big installation i’ve been working on.

Pony with leg warmers.

High in the Bay is still on Sale 20% off the whole shop until x-mas.

steamy romance

The other day i was in the Mission with my girl Ephameron and saw the John Waters X-mas card at the box office window at The Roxie! I was emotional for a second remembering the happiest day ever: John Waters X-mas Show @ The Roxie!



Ladies in Comix @ Webb Gallery * Stinckers @ Atomic Books!! * and more

Esther Pearl Watson is such an awesome artist and curator, i’m always impressed of the amount of work and projects she’s involved and it’s very inspiring to me. Besides having an artist curating a show is so refreshing, and being in a show curated by one of my favorite artists is very special.

The show opens in July 30th @ Webb Gallery (Waxahachie, TX) and check out the awesome line up:

Talking about comics and awesomeness The Great Stinckers Machine found another home and this time is Atomic Books in Baltimore! Yes, The Atomic Books, the only place in the world you can send fan mail to Mr. John Waters! Isn’t it perfect? I think so, very perfect indeed! We should start a John Waters + STINCKERS collab on the next edition for some smelly, stincky stickers like the Polyester Stincking Sheet you scratch during the movie, i still have mine!

Oh yeah, and a little HIGH IN THE BAY update, Mildred painted some Toms Shoes and they look awesome, get it girls!

Mildred's Painted Toms Shoes


extra goodie for my buddy diego medina

gotta go back to work, got 6000 round stickers in the mail. may the obsessive work begin. ciao!




Beautiful Things

John Malta

the other day got some art on the mail from the great john malta, his originals are awesome. art in real life is pretty rad. also got some drawings to collab, so excited!

John Malta's zines

travis millard print, 2007 (top) original michael hsiung, 2011 awesomeness. wish this guys live in san francisco so i could see their art all the time, love the art!

claudio elisabetsky photo of john waters and patricio bisso at the opening of fellini’s 8 and 1/2 in 1985 in NYC, signed and drawn by john waters (left), stephan doitschinoff drawing “for ever demented”, 2009 (right). it screams luck and makes me smile frequently, thanks guys!

stephan doitschinoff’s poster and the new record player, yay.

original drawing i got from stephan doit when i was puting up an art show and struggling, he drew this devil crying for me, pretty rad!

sweet print from albert reyes (up) and original johnny ryan drawing that i got from the david as a gift, aww.

matt furie

bought this at a sketch tuesdays in 2009 from mr matt furie.

toutou is probably one of my very favorite characters ever made. nroll made this and juju kedryna brought it to me when we were showing in antwerp. fun times!! there’s a whole book of toutou that is the coolest shit ever. fin.

A John Waters Filthy Christmas Miracle

first of all, i won’t complain about life much anymore.

just cause the coolest thing happened before christmas, and i was in another dimension for a while.

as some of you know, i was trying to sell 125 zines so i could go to the John Waters Christmas @ The Roxie. and people actually supported the cause and i sold zines to crazy awesome far lands, that meant a lot. buttt still i didn’t made enough money…

until i got an email from kate and chris (aka roxie’s directors aka the most amazing people ever). got two tickets for the show, i’m still hysterical because this is the coolest thing ever and ever! it means the world to me.



It was historical and hysterical!! it was totally insane to me because i’m just this girl from brasil that’s been into his movies since i was around 10, and he saved me from film school and i thought if one day i’d see john waters would be only when i go to baltimore for my own very special pope of the trash tour (still on my plans of course) to see places where he shot the classics and to enjoy the baltimore vibes. so, that was really beyond everything to me! and it was the second time i met him since i moved to san francisco.

his show was so wit! he’s such a great artist, a real classy show man!

oh john waters, you’re the best! and long life to the roxie, kate and chris you’re amazing fabulous people!


John Waters & His Sleigh Full Of Smut

ok, so if you like my drawings and stuff this is the time you can be very supportive. JOHN WATERS is having a benefit christmas night at the Roxie and i’d have to sell like 125 zines to make the money to go, or some original drawings or prints or whatever. the thing is i really wanna go! and will help the roxie, and anyway i wanna go to the JOHN WATERS show, please support!

thanks! :)