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“Tonight, we Fight” featured at Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz posted some photos of the sweet group show i’m participating at New Image Art Gallery (LA) curated by Luke Pelletier, check it out the whole set here.

there’s some collabs i did with Milly <3

and some of his pieces he painted by himself, but it’s all shown mixed in the same wall space. it looks like our house, lol




Post It show @ Giant Robot LA* open tomorrow

every year the greats mark todd and esther pearl watson curate a post it show at giant robot in los angeles. tomorrow is the opening for this year’s edition so if you’re in the area i highly recommend you to go check it out in person and early!

i’m not gonna mention every awesome artists in the show cause it’s too many

mark installing the show

i made a few post its for the show

stinckers @ giant robot LA

thanks mr. ribs!!

for more go to STINCKERS BLOG!