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Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo (October, 26th)

Bazar Zumbi


The last BENDGY of the year!

That’s right! We’re screen printing a whole new serie of one of a kind t-shirts!

Ultima chamada Brasil ;-)

Bendgy no Caos

be there! it’s always awesome to hang out at Caos!

Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo – Art show photos

Featuring: Edgar de Camargo, Mildred, Mats!?, Danielone, Alan Crisogno and Pacolli. In exhibition until the end of October at True Love Tattoo <3


Good Company

Hey LA folks, stop by Meltdown Comics and waste that laundry money on some STINCKERS! My lucky Stinckers are in such good company it makes me blush, Daniel Clowes, Steven Weissman, Mats!? and me!

Stinckers # 03

Here’s my new Stinckers sheet! Yay! Mats did a great job screen printing them and they’re available at the Stinckers Etsy and at High in The Bay. Will be available soon at the Stinckers Machines spreaded around the country.

Dream Team @ Choque Cultural ( Sao Paulo, BR)

getting ready for brazil, our group show dream team is coming up soon. me and mildred are flying there to install the show and cause some trouble.

flyer: LL Cool Jo

choque will print 6 different flyers for the show.

flyer: Mildred

20 amazing artists from 6 different countries in one sweet show.

flyer: Michael Hsiung

i got to see a lot of art that’s gonna be in the show and it’s pretty impressive, i’m so excited!

flyer: Mats?!

The adorable Ephameron will be in Brazil too! Did i said that we’re gonna have a High in the Bay + Bendgy art sale with a bunch of awesome prints, zines and shirts from rad artists from all over the globe? Oh yeah!

flyer: Ephameron

i decided to pick this image for the flyer cause i’m blessed by ru paul and no shade can ever be thrown, worrrrrrrrk!

flyer: pacolli

For more infos about the show, click here.


New STINCKERS by Mats!? and Dan Clowes

got some sweeeeeeet STINCKERS sheets last night from my buddy Mats!?, new sheets by Mr Mats!? himself and Mr Daniel Clowes, oh yeah!

isn’t it awesome? i need to frame this!

good old classic screen print style! mats!? is a master at screenprinting!

a Daniel Clowes stincker sheet is something special! i got my copy of Mister Wonderful recently and of course i loved it! Always, forever!


part of a new drawing. the dream of peace between east and west. whiskey, noodles, tigers, far away mountains, piano.

a page in my sketchbook that i decided to frame nicely

home sweet home.

today i’ll be drawing at 111minna’s sketch tuesdays with mildred, mats?! and many other san franciscan beer drinking artists, it is FUN! you should come over and have fun with us!

let easy e do the talking

stinckers*post its*shirts*shows*shoes*dreams

Got a new freshly screeprinted STINCKERS sheet! Yay!!! Thanks Mats!?

also available at HIGH IN THE BAY shop!

my wall at the Volcom show in Brazil

Volcom Brazil organized the release party of the zines they published including my own Last Chance Kids and they had an art show with a bunch of the great artists from the Volcom Featured Artists Project. Check it out :)

So sweet!

and talking about Volcom, this shirt came out recently. only found available in Germany. pretty cool!

i painted tom shoes. maybe more coming up soon.

from a motel 6

LA Weekly have cool photos from the opening of the Post It Show @ Giant Robot, LA.


of course i was hysterical when i saw this. it’s like sitting next to matt groening in class! haha

i can’t complain about life anymore since my first christmas filthy miracle happened. i will post about it later!

all i know is that i am very lucky and thankful for all the people that supported my work and made dreams possible! <3