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SF Mixtape group show @ 111 Minna

Luke Martinez (aka the last cat) curated a group show with a bunch of Bay Area artists and i have the honor of participating on it. The opening is friday and we all know how fun shows are at 111 Minna, it’s going to be a party! And after 8:30 it’s a grab and go show. One night only, come on San Francisco!



Needles and Pens @ Luggage Store (photos)

I’m so happy for Needles and Pens 10 years of hard work and awesomeness. Last night’s show was amazing, check out the pics but hey, if you can actually go to Luggage Store Gallery and check it out there i promise it will be a nice experience ;-)


Long life to Needles and Pens <3

Beautiful Things

John Malta

the other day got some art on the mail from the great john malta, his originals are awesome. art in real life is pretty rad. also got some drawings to collab, so excited!

John Malta's zines

travis millard print, 2007 (top) original michael hsiung, 2011 awesomeness. wish this guys live in san francisco so i could see their art all the time, love the art!

claudio elisabetsky photo of john waters and patricio bisso at the opening of fellini’s 8 and 1/2 in 1985 in NYC, signed and drawn by john waters (left), stephan doitschinoff drawing “for ever demented”, 2009 (right). it screams luck and makes me smile frequently, thanks guys!

stephan doitschinoff’s poster and the new record player, yay.

original drawing i got from stephan doit when i was puting up an art show and struggling, he drew this devil crying for me, pretty rad!

sweet print from albert reyes (up) and original johnny ryan drawing that i got from the david as a gift, aww.

matt furie

bought this at a sketch tuesdays in 2009 from mr matt furie.

toutou is probably one of my very favorite characters ever made. nroll made this and juju kedryna brought it to me when we were showing in antwerp. fun times!! there’s a whole book of toutou that is the coolest shit ever. fin.

Art Shows and blah blah blah

wonder fair art show

way out there on kansas there’s this sweet show, many awesome artists and their skills to make reproductions/prints/screen prints etc. i’m on this show, mildred and michael hsiung and mark tood, esther pearl watson and matt furie and many more! i’m stoked! the show goes until january so if you’re in the area check it out!

i sent zines, posters and stickers. side by side with my fave artists. hooray!

thanks wonder fair! :)

post it show @ giant robot LA is coming soon.

i freaked out a bit cause matt groening is in this show, and i dont deserve the honor. the big book of hell is one of the most amazing creations ever made .

i made 20 post its for the show.

need to stop drawing on pink paper now. bye


man, we totally survived APE. i mean, it’s hard sometimes. i don’t like crowds and gothic nerds and manga and i dunno. but hey, it’s worth it cause it’s not everyday you meet your favourite artists. i was so stoked to meet vanessa davis and esther pearl watson and mark tood. for real! the dan clowes talk thing was weird i couldn’t listen anything he was saying, i saw a girl reading a book while he was there talking and she was right on the front. sorry im grumpy i wanted to kick her ass and sit where she was.  the signing at booksmith was so much nicer!!! i’m glad i was there! back to APE, well here’s some pics

these are some of my trades and purchases. real deal comics and that other weird psychedelic magazine/book from picture box. pretty crazy, i like it a lot! boy’s club is always amazing. if you dont have them you should buy them all right now. chuck e cheese zine from esther pearl watson and mark todd is magical, i swear! the troll king, from top shelf books is pretty cool! thanks brett!! stuff from revival house is pretty sweet, i’m anxious to read those. and man, skinner made a zine with poems that is the shit. for real! so many cool stuff !

no words for this, too cool!

misprinted screenprinted poster <3

Mats!? made this awesome poster! so stoked!!!!

the STINCKERS booth was my favourite, that PREGO comics is sick!!! and all the million lil things to look at!

future colors of america is ayana udesen, matt furie and albert reyes. they kick ass! got me a print from albert reyes. seriously sweet!

needles and pens table where we hang out a lot and look through all the books cause they all rule. ok, bye.