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“Dude, Monsters” group show @ Think Tank (LA)

Group show coming up at Think Tank Gallery in Los Angeles! I heard they’re gonna have a half pipe to skate there or something, so besides the sweet line-up it looks like it’s gonna be a lil’ party there at the opening! Check out the teaser:

And the mighty Michael Hsiung talking about his art and the show (spotted some of my art on his wall, ha)




volcomics 2

the second issue of volcomics is out!  it’s a collection of artistic comic strips and not comic strips drawn by volcom feature artists as travis millard, michael sieben, mel kadel, ozzy, nell blender, nick trapasso, todd bratrud and a lot of other nice artists. i was stoked to get a page there. thanks buddies from volcom!!

you can see it online here, and soon a printed version in a cool place near ya!