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Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo – Art show photos

Featuring: Edgar de Camargo, Mildred, Mats!?, Danielone, Alan Crisogno and Pacolli. In exhibition until the end of October at True Love Tattoo <3



Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo

I’m in Brazil already getting ready to the first party this saturday at the very awesome True Love Tattoo Studio! We’re putting together an art show with Edgar de Camargo, Mildred, Danielone, Mats Stromberg , Crew from True Love Tattoo and me.

Besides that I’m screen printing new t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, prints and a limited edition sketchbook. That’s right! Can’t wait for saturday! Te vejo lá!

High in the Bay * Bendgy * FTTD *Stinckers * Sao Paulo

It’s been so long since i posted here. I’ve been working super hard lately, getting ready to go to Brazil this week and bring a bunch of awesomeness with me.

Bendgy and High in the Bay are almost the same thing. Bendgy is a party, art sale, concerts usually happen (announced or not) and we’re usually drunk by the end of the night. lol

We are bringing Fight to the Death shirts, Michael Hsiung prints, Stinckers and Mats Stromberg prints and god knows what else!

The first Bendgy will happen on October 5th (or 6th, still don’t know) @ True Love Tattoo and we’re so excited about it!

High in the Bay closes tomorrow night (September, 24) and will remain closed until November. We’ll come back with everything new, so get the goodies while you can ;-)

See ya!

Free Shipping @ High in the Bay

High in the Bay has a summer deal going on, spend 20 bucks and get free shipping, woohoo! Enjoy!

New Buttons

Finally got new buttons made for High in the Bay, check it out!

We’re throwing some extra goodies with every purchase as usual. Cheers!

“Tonight, we Fight” featured at Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz posted some photos of the sweet group show i’m participating at New Image Art Gallery (LA) curated by Luke Pelletier, check it out the whole set here.

there’s some collabs i did with Milly <3

and some of his pieces he painted by himself, but it’s all shown mixed in the same wall space. it looks like our house, lol



Tonight we fight @ New Image Art – coming up!

The awesome Luke Pelletier curated another sweet show, this time at the great New Image Art in West Hollywood. This is the line up, art is being shipped right now and i’m SO excited for this show!

A lot of stickers

I haven’t been posting much about High in the Bay, but that doesn’t mean we stopped working and adding new things to the shop. I’m always carving, printing and drawing a lot of new stickers and the packs usually go fast, so here some new ones

it’s a collab between me an mildred as usual

this one is sold



New collab with Milly in the works

and i have a new zine coming up soon, stay tuned spanish friends!

mini stickers piece in the works, drawing on hundreds of these. must not stop!

picnic day

and schizophrenic weather. but i like it!

Oh yeah, i dropped off more copies of “Nothing Special” zine and button packs at Needles and Pens this week. They’re turning 10 years old this year, stay tuned for awesome news coming up soon!

Creature Mag Q+A with High in the Bay

The adorable Creature Mag did a Q+A with High in the Bay! If you want to know about our habits and the lack of routine and why we can’t stop making stuff, you better check it out.

Thanks Mario!! :)