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Needles and Pens @ Luggage Store (photos)

I’m so happy for Needles and Pens 10 years of hard work and awesomeness. Last night’s show was amazing, check out the pics but hey, if you can actually go to Luggage Store Gallery and check it out there i promise it will be a nice experience ;-)


Long life to Needles and Pens <3


Needles and Pens 10 year anniversary @ Luggage Store Gallery

Needles and Pens is turning 10 this year and to celebrate they’re having a big group show at Luggage Store Gallery with artists that are part of their history. It’s gonna be a cool show! I have a couple of pieces and will be attending the opening, and so should you! Save the date: May 10th.



Holiday Blowout @ Fecal Face this friday!

Hello San Francisco, come over this friday to the Holiday Blowout at Fecal Face! It’s gonna be sweeeet! Beers, zines, friends, vietnamese spring roll, posters, t-shirts, mugs, beer, etc. We (High in the Bay, aka Mildred and me) will bring a bunch of new stuff, lots of little giveaways so come say hi!




SPXSF zine

i curated an art show only with brazilian artists at needles and pens called SPXSF
featuring the art of stephan doitschinoff, danielone, carlos dias, znort, silvana mello, diego medina, luciana araujo and myself.

i edited this zine with cool stuff from all of us to you, enjoy.

the zine is obviously available at needles and pens. you can also find them at their booth at NY Book Fair i also sent some other older zines and original drawings.

each zine comes with this sticker inside

soundtrack of the video our homies from babylon sao paulo: elma


man, we totally survived APE. i mean, it’s hard sometimes. i don’t like crowds and gothic nerds and manga and i dunno. but hey, it’s worth it cause it’s not everyday you meet your favourite artists. i was so stoked to meet vanessa davis and esther pearl watson and mark tood. for real! the dan clowes talk thing was weird i couldn’t listen anything he was saying, i saw a girl reading a book while he was there talking and she was right on the front. sorry im grumpy i wanted to kick her ass and sit where she was.  the signing at booksmith was so much nicer!!! i’m glad i was there! back to APE, well here’s some pics

these are some of my trades and purchases. real deal comics and that other weird psychedelic magazine/book from picture box. pretty crazy, i like it a lot! boy’s club is always amazing. if you dont have them you should buy them all right now. chuck e cheese zine from esther pearl watson and mark todd is magical, i swear! the troll king, from top shelf books is pretty cool! thanks brett!! stuff from revival house is pretty sweet, i’m anxious to read those. and man, skinner made a zine with poems that is the shit. for real! so many cool stuff !

no words for this, too cool!

misprinted screenprinted poster <3

Mats!? made this awesome poster! so stoked!!!!

the STINCKERS booth was my favourite, that PREGO comics is sick!!! and all the million lil things to look at!

future colors of america is ayana udesen, matt furie and albert reyes. they kick ass! got me a print from albert reyes. seriously sweet!

needles and pens table where we hang out a lot and look through all the books cause they all rule. ok, bye.


see you there!

Dan Clowes is gonna be at APE. DAN CLOWES! and Fantagraphics <3  and tonite at needles and pens: vanessa davis + julia wertz will be signing their books. and saturday superchunk will play art aquarius records 5pm.

pretty, pretty cool! and after all this awesomeness if you’re still a big damn nerd and you’re going to APE on sunday, come over at Needles and Pens booth #288A  i’ll be signing and doodlin on my new zine Last Chance Kids. i dunno what time, sorry. i’ll be around for a while.




flyer made by andrew, good job man!

My pals from Needles and Pens are in Sweden right now mounting a group art show @ Krets Gallery. i’m on this show and i’m very excited about it cause face it, Sweden is sweet! i always wanted to go there i know they have a very amazing art scene! i just got a tattoo with one of my fav artists ever, Kapten Hanna is from sweden too! and now she lives in SF! can you feel the connections? oh yeahhhhh!

this is my art for the show at Krets Gallery.

SP X SF @ Needles and Pens

alright! it’s been a while since i posted something here. i’ve been super busy with a bunch of work, freelance, art shows so yeah it’s all cool. the sao paulo art show was fun, me and my beloved husband spent the night  before the opening painting the bricks on the wall and hanging stuff. david posted something on his blog check it out!

here’s some photos and to see more check out our FECAL FACE pals posted pics from the opening :)

SPXSF @Needles and Pens

my stuff

i could never take a good pic of this drawing, thanks john! good job!

carlos dias art

stephan doitschinoff aka calma

danielone's skulls madness and znort's sculpture

mildred and me collab <3

stephan always told me i should paint on canvas, well i drew on canvas. does it count? haha

carlos dias aka asa

breezy and andrew! they rule! thanks for everything guys :)

mildredy! helped me doing everything for this art show. thanks babe!

jessica and breezy having fun with diego medina's free stickers madness

somebody asked me, why are those stickers for free?! well, diego medina is a cool dude. freebies rule!

lil stickers i did and daniel's piece, sold.

screenprint 1/1 collab between me and mildred

i changed some stuff on the walls in the morning but anyway i'll post more pics soon

it all changed but it looked like this for like a couple hours

i’m gonna make a lil video and take more pics soon. i just need a lil break.


SP/SF @ Needles & Pens * May, 22



i’m curating this brazilian art group show at needles and pens this month. yeah! may 22nd, i’ll post news soon!