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Daytime Disco! New zine is out today

My new zine is out today! Daytime Disco is a zine about dancefloor escapism.

Screen printed cover on cardstock, laser black and white print on polen paper, 32 pages, hand numbered and signed, made in Sao Paulo (Brasil) and San Francisco (USA), self published, 2014

Edition of 180

Comes with stickers

(If you want to choose the color of the cover, please specify which color you would like – blue, yellow, green, pink or peach. thank you!)

Available at High in the Bay


Booze, Dudes & Bears @ High in the Bay

If you read this blog you know that i love Michael Hsiung‘s art and that he is my mom, i mean my friend and now you also know that we are selling his zine at High in the Bay, yay!

We also made a double zine pack together

I’ve also been experimenting a bit with block print, got some stickers going on

i’ll throw some of these when you order anything from our shop



I’ve been working on a few different things right now, i’m making a new zine. I’m supersticious and don’t like much to post stuff before it’s done, but here’s a sneak peak of a few drawings. Oh, the joys of self publishing…

Oh Dusty

Me and Milly are making new packs of goodies to send to a dream place i’ll tell you more very soon. I’m so excited about it!

I love sending out my art to a place i always wanted to go.

We’re re-doing some stuff at High in the Bay, there’s some sweet sales going on, check it out!

<3 from our friends and customers