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* * * coletiva 2011 @ choque cultural * * *

coletiva 2011 @ choque cultural

my little corner of the art show

sweat and tears

and props to stephan, nara, haroldo, pinga and naty for helping me paint the walls :)

art is available to purchase through the gallery here.

i still need to get good pics of the show, here’s some art from the other artists from the show

pingarilho and SHN stickers


more pingarilho’s art

SHN's giant piece


SHN everywhere

Base V

need more pics of the show, go check base v awesome stuff!

more news and pics coming soon.


Coletiva 2011 @ Choque Cultural

oldschool style poster made at grafica fidalga in sao paulo, a classic! Choque Cultural representin’!

i’ve been there before, this place is amazing!

each artist made it’s own flyer, and each of us have its own room in the gallery. fancy!

coming soon!