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New sets of hand painted cup and saucer

I always have fun painting porcelain, here’s two new sets i just painted and they are available at High in the Bay.

Flower Power, BAM!

High in the Bay



Bendgy no Mancha, again!

Another special afternoon with drinks, good music and Bendgy!

Bendgy @ Casa do Mancha * october 12th
3pm-9pm Rua Felipe de Alcaçova, sem numero
Entrada Gratuita


Mug Mug Mug

I’m a little addicted to painting mugs, i have to watch out not to hoard them on my studio. Just got some new ones drawn, baked and available at High in the Bay.




dog’s world

available at High in the Bay

i hand painted mugs and tea cups, they are all one of a kind.

painted a kid’s mug cause kids are cool

mildred painted mugs too!

mildred+pacolli collab mug

for all this and much more go to our online shop, HIGH IN THE BAY!

i’ve been working like a dog, but hey lots of exciting things coming my way

in progress

yo, if you’re around santa monica you should go to the Force Fields Show, me and other artists are participating and it’s a great cause: fight malaria in Africa!

concerts in apartments are the best, i miss it very much.