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If you believe in nothing, honey…

I’ve been so busy and tired of the art world and the world in general that getting my POW AP prints in the mail was a blast! Think happy thoughts!




New prints @ POW (UK)

I have 2 new prints available at the always awesome Pictures on Walls (UK), check it out.

it’s a small edition, get yours here!


Yo, got a big post about my trip to London and my installation at POW up on FECAL FACE, woohoo. thanks John!

my fav photo of all is this one

flowers are cool. i like the fake plastic ones too.

mannequins are awesome, i wish i had those to draw on

mr. 4 fingers

family rulez

sam and rosa

sam sammons and dora

london, summertime, picnic, magners, bbq=you guys are too cool!

Pat Pisanelli

have you check out the post on Fecal Face yet? many pics of the originals i saw there, between some mind blowing Date Farmers to the amazing Ian Stevenson, Dran, and many more

Date Farmers (available at POW)

and back to the wessssiiiiiidddddddeeeeee

just finished a new piece with tiny details, will post about it soon.




Pictures On Walls – London

Oi! I’m in London working at the amazing screen print and art paradise Pictures On Walls. Tomorrow (August 11th) we’re gonna have a print release and art show opening so if you’re in London you’re more than welcome to come over sip some beers with us. Here’s some new pieces that will be in the show.

Ms. Sweet Trip


a little glitter scratch board action

made some business cards

see you tomorrow!