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Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo (October, 26th)

Bazar Zumbi



Bendgy no Mancha, again!

Another special afternoon with drinks, good music and Bendgy!

Bendgy @ Casa do Mancha * october 12th
3pm-9pm Rua Felipe de Alcaçova, sem numero
Entrada Gratuita


New prints @ POW (UK)

I have 2 new prints available at the always awesome Pictures on Walls (UK), check it out.

it’s a small edition, get yours here!

Art Shows and blah blah blah

wonder fair art show

way out there on kansas there’s this sweet show, many awesome artists and their skills to make reproductions/prints/screen prints etc. i’m on this show, mildred and michael hsiung and mark tood, esther pearl watson and matt furie and many more! i’m stoked! the show goes until january so if you’re in the area check it out!

i sent zines, posters and stickers. side by side with my fave artists. hooray!

thanks wonder fair! :)

post it show @ giant robot LA is coming soon.

i freaked out a bit cause matt groening is in this show, and i dont deserve the honor. the big book of hell is one of the most amazing creations ever made .

i made 20 post its for the show.

need to stop drawing on pink paper now. bye