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Desert Island (Brooklyn)

So happy to have t-shirts, zines and zine packs at Desert Island again!!!

i made sure to make them extra special (every t-shirt comes with a button and hand drawn stickers)

Desert Island is at 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-5087


New t-shirts!!!

Just added a few more collab t-shirts at High in the Bay! All screen printed by myself, one of a kind, made with love!

Mildred’s ghost in the window is one of my favorite designs :}

a must have for pinball lovers

this one is a XL


Bendgy @ Caos – Photos

Bendgy at Caos was AWESOME!! We’ve been so busy screen printing every night and making new screens, testing new colors and it’s all so much fun. We love sharing it all with you guys at Bendgys <3

Carrô and I showing some of the goodies.

Obrigado a todo mundo que foi no sábado!!


If you believe in nothing, honey…

I’ve been so busy and tired of the art world and the world in general that getting my POW AP prints in the mail was a blast! Think happy thoughts!



New Sweatshirts and T-shirts

New collab sweatshirt made by Mildred and me. It’s one of those freestyle screen prints we like to do, it’s a one of a kind piece (people always doubt that for some strange reason), we screen print every little drawing at once, you have to wait for them to dry to make a new one. It takes time, patience and a lot of love! But i love doing it and i can only print these in Brasil (almost all my screens are still there), so get it before it’s gone !

The cover of my new zine is printed on it too!

drawings from Shitface zine also on this shirt

Annnnnnd High in the Bay is having a new deal going on! Spend at least $25 and get FREE SHIPPING! Valid only for US residents.
Use code : FREESHIPPINGUSA on check out ♥

Endless Summer

Milly and me @ Mottinha’s house

new zine, 200 copies made

new shirts

more sticker packs at high in the bay

baby shirts

more collabs







Bendgy @ Copan (photos, part 1)


it was amazing!!!! obrigado a todos que foram <3

New STINCKERS by Mats!? and Dan Clowes

got some sweeeeeeet STINCKERS sheets last night from my buddy Mats!?, new sheets by Mr Mats!? himself and Mr Daniel Clowes, oh yeah!

isn’t it awesome? i need to frame this!

good old classic screen print style! mats!? is a master at screenprinting!

a Daniel Clowes stincker sheet is something special! i got my copy of Mister Wonderful recently and of course i loved it! Always, forever!