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Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo

I’m in Brazil already getting ready to the first party this saturday at the very awesome True Love Tattoo Studio! We’re putting together an art show with Edgar de Camargo, Mildred, Danielone, Mats Stromberg , Crew from True Love Tattoo and me.

Besides that I’m screen printing new t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, prints and a limited edition sketchbook. That’s right! Can’t wait for saturday! Te vejo lá!


Out of print zines available, last call!

Last chance to get these out of print zines! I got a lot of emails of people asking if i still had another copy of Shitface, and hey, that’s the last one i have.

Mildred also have only these 2 copies of his zine “Riff Raff” and one of them comes in a pack with “Shitface” and the other comes in a pack with the also out of print “SPXSF”. They’re available to purchase at High in the Bay.

The packs comes with 2 zines, one hand drawn postcard, a bunch of stickers and a button.

I finished reading Ronnie Spector’s biography and i wanna be friends with her forever!



“Nothing Special” new zine available!

I am happy the new zine is out!

This zine is a compilation of my sketchbook drawings from different times. It’s about obsessions, notes to myself, teenage dreams, Alain de Botton and the Ramones.

It’s available for now only at High in the Bay.

*   *   *   *   *   *


New zine coming soon!

I’ve been postponing making this zine for almost two years for many reasons, but coming back to Sao Paulo made me excited about self publishing again. I have my favorite people to work with here, best print shop and screen print shop. So the zine is almost ready!

I screen printed the covers in one night (thanks for the help, Milly!) now i’m waiting to pick it up at the shop tomorrow. I can’t wait!!

I’ll post more about the zine soon! High in the Bay should be back in a couple weeks and my zine will be available then.