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Out of print zines available, last call!

Last chance to get these out of print zines! I got a lot of emails of people asking if i still had another copy of Shitface, and hey, that’s the last one i have.

Mildred also have only these 2 copies of his zine “Riff Raff” and one of them comes in a pack with “Shitface” and the other comes in a pack with the also out of print “SPXSF”. They’re available to purchase at High in the Bay.

The packs comes with 2 zines, one hand drawn postcard, a bunch of stickers and a button.

I finished reading Ronnie Spector’s biography and i wanna be friends with her forever!




*the day after 420* or *20 zine packs*

hope y’all had a nice day yesterday. mine was pretty good. modern times are crazy, we were chillin’ doodlin’ and listening to live dj set by snoop dogg, and he was on his webcam! kinda weird but it was fun! sweet tunes!

me and mildred made 20 zine packs containing 2 zines, 1 postcard and a bunch of stickers (handmade, screen printed and vinyl). we made some stencils for the tags.

and i only have very few copies of SPXSF and i highly recommend you to get yourself a copy before it’s too late.

and some RIFF RAFF zine, here featured on your favorite local website -> fecal face, of course!

and running out of copies of shitface, get yours or wave bye bye. oh yeah these packs will be shipping tomorrow to mother england, so london friends, hooray!

happy 420 everyday dear readers!

zines. really?

i always had this kind of rule about making my zines: it’s the place where i can use any drawing, say anything and everything i want and usually won’t ever use anywhere else or publish online. that’s why they are special to me.

anyway, my buddy michael hsiung posted this on the shiny squirrel blog! and man, michael rules! he’s one of my fave people ever!

and at last but not least, i read this note that fabio zimbres wrote about my zines on his juxtapoz blog.  and i don’t know him in person, but his art i do and it’s rad! and it’s such an honor. i’m lucky my zines are safe in the right hands :)

oh yeah, you can  find SHITFACE @ Needles and Pens (San Francisco), Al’s Comics (San Francisco), Lower Haters (San Francisco), Together Gallery (Portland, OR), Desert Island (Brooklyn, NY). For Mad fro Sadness go to Human Pyramids store or contact me. thank you.

new zine available

this is shitface, my new zine. i made this video so you can have a quick look ;)

200 copies made, 28 pages of pure randomness, black and white magic, signed and numbered, screen printed covers by myself

$6 + shipping, paypal only.


sober, life is a prison. shitface, it is a blessing

new zine

i’ve been working on this zine since i left sao paulo for my 3 months tour and now it’s finally on the last stages of making it, i’m screen printing the covers (200 copies this time). yayyyy! i love this part of the process, it’s when i chill and have fun! i have a lot of different projects going on at the same time and i’ve been working like a dog everynight cause i can’t do shit during the day here, remembering i’m back to sao paulo for a while and i’m hating it. anywayyyyyyy… the zine will be out next week! i’m gonna organize a neat party to put it out, even though people don’t buy zines here. oh i’m debbie downer again, i need a beer. bye!