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Printing rainbow stickers

i’m gonna carve more linoleum stickers soon, still learning the tricks of the trade.

put up an new zine pack

if you’re in LA, check out the Stinckers machine at Giant Robot



Sogni D’Oro

the truth is that i’ve been drawing like there’s no tomorrow. another 6×6″ piece on wood panel.

The Stinckers machine is at the Japanese American Museum in Los Angeles, wow! Pretty sweet!


Good Company

Hey LA folks, stop by Meltdown Comics and waste that laundry money on some STINCKERS! My lucky Stinckers are in such good company it makes me blush, Daniel Clowes, Steven Weissman, Mats!? and me!

Stinckers # 03

Here’s my new Stinckers sheet! Yay! Mats did a great job screen printing them and they’re available at the Stinckers Etsy and at High in The Bay. Will be available soon at the Stinckers Machines spreaded around the country.

Turn Up, Tune In and Drop Out

New STINCKERS sheet inspired on my teenage years, Timothy Leary and psychedelic dreams. Will be available soon!

Ladies in Comix @ Webb Gallery * Stinckers @ Atomic Books!! * and more

Esther Pearl Watson is such an awesome artist and curator, i’m always impressed of the amount of work and projects she’s involved and it’s very inspiring to me. Besides having an artist curating a show is so refreshing, and being in a show curated by one of my favorite artists is very special.

The show opens in July 30th @ Webb Gallery (Waxahachie, TX) and check out the awesome line up:

Talking about comics and awesomeness The Great Stinckers Machine found another home and this time is Atomic Books in Baltimore! Yes, The Atomic Books, the only place in the world you can send fan mail to Mr. John Waters! Isn’t it perfect? I think so, very perfect indeed! We should start a John Waters + STINCKERS collab on the next edition for some smelly, stincky stickers like the Polyester Stincking Sheet you scratch during the movie, i still have mine!

Oh yeah, and a little HIGH IN THE BAY update, Mildred painted some Toms Shoes and they look awesome, get it girls!

Mildred's Painted Toms Shoes


extra goodie for my buddy diego medina

gotta go back to work, got 6000 round stickers in the mail. may the obsessive work begin. ciao!




Tattoo * Human Pyramids on Fecal Face * Stinckers

my buddy fabio got one of my drawings on his skin, crazyyyyy! of course i loved it, it’s the 1st time somebody get my drawing tattooed :)

dude, PULP is back officially. i can tell by the videos of their 1st show together in years that it was a blast!

Oh yeah, the Human Pyramids show is coming down this weekend. My pal Michael posted about it on Fecal Face, another master coverage of what’s going on in the art world right now. And hell yeah for international shows!

fabio wearing a sweatshirt i made years ago, i miss freestyle screen printing.

picture from 2007

oh yeah, and at last but not least: there’s new STINCKERS?! on the machine at Giant Robot Los Angeles.

Mats, Pacolli, Daniel Clowes and Benjamin Marra

New STINCKERS by Mats!? and Dan Clowes

got some sweeeeeeet STINCKERS sheets last night from my buddy Mats!?, new sheets by Mr Mats!? himself and Mr Daniel Clowes, oh yeah!

isn’t it awesome? i need to frame this!

good old classic screen print style! mats!? is a master at screenprinting!

a Daniel Clowes stincker sheet is something special! i got my copy of Mister Wonderful recently and of course i loved it! Always, forever!

stinckers*post its*shirts*shows*shoes*dreams

Got a new freshly screeprinted STINCKERS sheet! Yay!!! Thanks Mats!?

also available at HIGH IN THE BAY shop!

my wall at the Volcom show in Brazil

Volcom Brazil organized the release party of the zines they published including my own Last Chance Kids and they had an art show with a bunch of the great artists from the Volcom Featured Artists Project. Check it out :)

So sweet!

and talking about Volcom, this shirt came out recently. only found available in Germany. pretty cool!

i painted tom shoes. maybe more coming up soon.

from a motel 6

LA Weekly have cool photos from the opening of the Post It Show @ Giant Robot, LA.


of course i was hysterical when i saw this. it’s like sitting next to matt groening in class! haha

i can’t complain about life anymore since my first christmas filthy miracle happened. i will post about it later!

all i know is that i am very lucky and thankful for all the people that supported my work and made dreams possible! <3



man, we totally survived APE. i mean, it’s hard sometimes. i don’t like crowds and gothic nerds and manga and i dunno. but hey, it’s worth it cause it’s not everyday you meet your favourite artists. i was so stoked to meet vanessa davis and esther pearl watson and mark tood. for real! the dan clowes talk thing was weird i couldn’t listen anything he was saying, i saw a girl reading a book while he was there talking and she was right on the front. sorry im grumpy i wanted to kick her ass and sit where she was.  the signing at booksmith was so much nicer!!! i’m glad i was there! back to APE, well here’s some pics

these are some of my trades and purchases. real deal comics and that other weird psychedelic magazine/book from picture box. pretty crazy, i like it a lot! boy’s club is always amazing. if you dont have them you should buy them all right now. chuck e cheese zine from esther pearl watson and mark todd is magical, i swear! the troll king, from top shelf books is pretty cool! thanks brett!! stuff from revival house is pretty sweet, i’m anxious to read those. and man, skinner made a zine with poems that is the shit. for real! so many cool stuff !

no words for this, too cool!

misprinted screenprinted poster <3

Mats!? made this awesome poster! so stoked!!!!

the STINCKERS booth was my favourite, that PREGO comics is sick!!! and all the million lil things to look at!

future colors of america is ayana udesen, matt furie and albert reyes. they kick ass! got me a print from albert reyes. seriously sweet!

needles and pens table where we hang out a lot and look through all the books cause they all rule. ok, bye.