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Desert Island (Brooklyn)

So happy to have t-shirts, zines and zine packs at Desert Island again!!!

i made sure to make them extra special (every t-shirt comes with a button and hand drawn stickers)

Desert Island is at 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-5087


New t-shirts!!!

Just added a few more collab t-shirts at High in the Bay! All screen printed by myself, one of a kind, made with love!

Mildred’s ghost in the window is one of my favorite designs :}

a must have for pinball lovers

this one is a XL


Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo (October, 26th)

Bazar Zumbi


Bendgy @ Caos – Photos

Bendgy at Caos was AWESOME!! We’ve been so busy screen printing every night and making new screens, testing new colors and it’s all so much fun. We love sharing it all with you guys at Bendgys <3

Carrô and I showing some of the goodies.

Obrigado a todo mundo que foi no sábado!!


High in the Bay * Bendgy * FTTD *Stinckers * Sao Paulo

It’s been so long since i posted here. I’ve been working super hard lately, getting ready to go to Brazil this week and bring a bunch of awesomeness with me.

Bendgy and High in the Bay are almost the same thing. Bendgy is a party, art sale, concerts usually happen (announced or not) and we’re usually drunk by the end of the night. lol

We are bringing Fight to the Death shirts, Michael Hsiung prints, Stinckers and Mats Stromberg prints and god knows what else!

The first Bendgy will happen on October 5th (or 6th, still don’t know) @ True Love Tattoo and we’re so excited about it!

High in the Bay closes tomorrow night (September, 24) and will remain closed until November. We’ll come back with everything new, so get the goodies while you can ;-)

See ya!

Screen Print Extravaganza

I’m happy to share some of my favorite screen print extravaganza apparel we made recently

Front and back takes a really long time to do it, but still one of my favorites.

Shipping this one to NYC!

Pink (Large) available @ High in the Bay

i always add little goodies when i ship orders. Spread love, you know!

sticker pack

Freestyle collab shirts

While we were in Brasil, Mildred and I printed a lot of stuff. We’re slowly posting everything on High in the Bay (the light has been terrible for photograph in the winter, ugh!) .

I’m loving the girl’s v-neck shirts.

An original pink Mildred!

Old school freestyle shirts

Old school freestyle shirts, the very last ones.

screen print signature on the back (up)

this one is a collab i screen printed with some of mildred’s designs too.

another collab

Those are available at my online shop, High in the Bay.





High in the Bay is back!

we’re adding new stuff almost everyday and there’s some real deals there if i may say it. and all the orders now come with free stuff, YES FREE :)

pillow case pack + zine, poster and stickers

to all the dreamers out there

wesside dreams

i had a couple days to screen print some stuff in sao paulo using my old screens, so no new drawings but still was fun printing freestyle.

made some baby pillow cases too cause they are too cute, collab with milly.

and they come in a sweet package

shitface shirt

like the cover of the sold out shitface zine

oh yeah, this shirt comes in a pack like this (down) with stickers and a poster!

also we brought some new screen to print at home in san francisco, the BeavBart shirt is one of them. Pretty cool, huh? by Mildred

double zine pack

the double zine pack is available at high in the bay or at POW in london (UK)

and sometimes we like to get weird,

the tide is high pack

all of our friends (almost) are having babies, so

i made a pack with my friend tati, check it out! we’re selling a bunch of cute little purses, brooches, keychains, wallets and pencil cases that she makes, they are adorable! directly from sao paulo, brasil

the tree trunk pencil case is so cool

i learned from a friend that you’re only independent for real when you know how to make your favorite drink fabulously at home so, ta-da! bloody mary party!!!