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build up

i’ve been drawing patterns a lot for the past few months.

sketching for a new screen printed poster, coming soon.

we went to the tamaryn + raveonettes show last night at the bimbo’s and it was soooo good. i could say it was shoegazer advanced! i was impressed. and the venue is gorgeous! there was hairspray in the girls bathroom, it made me want a john waters show there.

and i’ve been trying to make a new zine.

louie and me, matt furie, mildred's leaf

there’s new stuff at high in the bay you know…

sweet pack with a repentina cd, last chance kids zine, 20 awesome stickers (handmade, screen printed and vinyl) and a mildred button.

my friend eliane aka repentina is a very talented girl. she played many concerts at Bendgy in brasil, like an official one girl band that supports the scene. i highly recommend you to listen to her tunes! oh yeah it comes with stickers that i drew for her merch ;-)

and those very special stickers that i printed in brasil during the workshop at choque cultural. special magic duo color by SHN the greats!

if you’re picky you probably want to see all the stickers that comes in the pack, so voila!

don’t forget there’s still some choque cultural’s pack available at *HIGH IN THE BAY*.

there’s some cool guy shirts, by mildred available (note: they are hand painted but they won’t fade aka it’s pretty cool)

san francisco is pretty, i love taking long walks in the city far from people.

i love rita lee, she totally rules.