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New mixed media

I haven’t been posting here (check www.pacollipacolli.com ) but here’s some new small affordable pieces available at my online shop, i do ship worldwide.


Desert Island (Brooklyn)

So happy to have t-shirts, zines and zine packs at Desert Island again!!!

i made sure to make them extra special (every t-shirt comes with a button and hand drawn stickers)

Desert Island is at 540 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-5087

The Last Chance Kids zine, for free and online!

I found out recently that Volcom uploaded the whole “The Last Chance Kids” zine online! Volcom Brasil published the zine for me in 2010 as a part of their Featured Artists project. It’s pretty cool to slip through it again and go back in time around 2009-mid 2010 when i was traveling around the world, moving to San Francisco, getting married, fighting the law, painting non stop and having a lot of fun! To see the whole zine click here.

If you want to own a copy to hold and love it, you can get it at High in the Bay!







VOLCOM Featured Artists sneak peak

my VOLCOM shirt is in production, coming out in Fall 2010!

it’s the same design that i use for my page on VOLCOMICS 2