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Grafixx Zine Fest


My antwerpen friends set up this awesome zine fest in Antwerp, and just saying, they make amazing zines! Besides they invited a bunch of artists friends from all over the world to send over zines too. I wish i was there! But i sent a bunch of zines and little giveaway goodies. They’re having lectures, art shows, performances and it will be a lot of fun. Happening right now :)


buenos aires zine fest

yeaaahh, i wanna go to buenos aires! but i’m not, my zines are there already. i sent copies of the last chance kids and shitface. i need to go to argentina again, there’s something sweet between sao paulo and buenos aires. something in common that make us relate to each other a lot. maybe it’s the love for the ramones, it could be it! my friends from BBK played at my grandma’s house twice but i still wanna watch them in buenos aires cause they go crazy!

self published zines, except for the last chance kids, published by volcom.

the release thing for the last chance kids will be at APE @ needles and pens table. i’ll post more about it soon.