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Daytime Disco! New zine is out today

My new zine is out today! Daytime Disco is a zine about dancefloor escapism.

Screen printed cover on cardstock, laser black and white print on polen paper, 32 pages, hand numbered and signed, made in Sao Paulo (Brasil) and San Francisco (USA), self published, 2014

Edition of 180

Comes with stickers

(If you want to choose the color of the cover, please specify which color you would like – blue, yellow, green, pink or peach. thank you!)

Available at High in the Bay

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior

“Obsessive Compulsive Behavior” 18×24″ ink, acrylic on mini stickers on wood panel, 2013 (available at New Image Art)

Check out the show opening tomorrow at New Image Art, and get a copy of the awesome zine that Luke put together with art from everybody in the show, sweet!  You can see a preview of it here.

The Last Chance Kids zine, for free and online!

I found out recently that Volcom uploaded the whole “The Last Chance Kids” zine online! Volcom Brasil published the zine for me in 2010 as a part of their Featured Artists project. It’s pretty cool to slip through it again and go back in time around 2009-mid 2010 when i was traveling around the world, moving to San Francisco, getting married, fighting the law, painting non stop and having a lot of fun! To see the whole zine click here.

If you want to own a copy to hold and love it, you can get it at High in the Bay!







“Nothing Special” new zine available!

I am happy the new zine is out!

This zine is a compilation of my sketchbook drawings from different times. It’s about obsessions, notes to myself, teenage dreams, Alain de Botton and the Ramones.

It’s available for now only at High in the Bay.

*   *   *   *   *   *


Bendgy @ Copan (photos, part 2)


mildred painted a sweet mural over the bed

all pieces sold, good thing we can visit them at our friend’s place

Kaka di Polly by Fabio da Motta. Gorgeous photo of our brazilian Divine <3

it was so much fun!


New zine coming soon!

I’ve been postponing making this zine for almost two years for many reasons, but coming back to Sao Paulo made me excited about self publishing again. I have my favorite people to work with here, best print shop and screen print shop. So the zine is almost ready!

I screen printed the covers in one night (thanks for the help, Milly!) now i’m waiting to pick it up at the shop tomorrow. I can’t wait!!

I’ll post more about the zine soon! High in the Bay should be back in a couple weeks and my zine will be available then.

Bendgy no Mancha, again!

Another special afternoon with drinks, good music and Bendgy!

Bendgy @ Casa do Mancha * october 12th
3pm-9pm Rua Felipe de Alcaçova, sem numero
Entrada Gratuita


Summer fun with the Beach Boys on

working on a new zine, coming soon!


Hi Good Press!

Good Press is a great gallery and zine shop in Glasgow (UK), we love how they roll and now we roll together! Me and Mildred sent a big box with shirts, zines, zine packs (with stickers and a double sided full color poster), prints, sticker packs, oh so many things!

Amen for great communication! Long life Good Press!

I wanna go to Glasgow!!



High in the bay (Vacation mode) * Mildred’s new zine

High in the bay will be on “vacation mode” until the middle of november, we’ll be in Brazil installing amazing art for the show “Dream Team” at Choque Cultural. We’ll be closing the shop on sunday and it’s now or late november.

Mildred made this sweet video annnnnd a new zine! Whats this bullshit is a real nice zine, check it out

we’re gonna organize an art sale in sao paulo with awesome stuff.