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Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo (October, 26th)

Bazar Zumbi



High in the Bay * Bendgy * FTTD *Stinckers * Sao Paulo

It’s been so long since i posted here. I’ve been working super hard lately, getting ready to go to Brazil this week and bring a bunch of awesomeness with me.

Bendgy and High in the Bay are almost the same thing. Bendgy is a party, art sale, concerts usually happen (announced or not) and we’re usually drunk by the end of the night. lol

We are bringing Fight to the Death shirts, Michael Hsiung prints, Stinckers and Mats Stromberg prints and god knows what else!

The first Bendgy will happen on October 5th (or 6th, still don’t know) @ True Love Tattoo and we’re so excited about it!

High in the Bay closes tomorrow night (September, 24) and will remain closed until November. We’ll come back with everything new, so get the goodies while you can ;-)

See ya!

Free Shipping @ High in the Bay

High in the Bay has a summer deal going on, spend 20 bucks and get free shipping, woohoo! Enjoy!

Grafixx Zine Fest


My antwerpen friends set up this awesome zine fest in Antwerp, and just saying, they make amazing zines! Besides they invited a bunch of artists friends from all over the world to send over zines too. I wish i was there! But i sent a bunch of zines and little giveaway goodies. They’re having lectures, art shows, performances and it will be a lot of fun. Happening right now :)

Feira @ Espaço Tijuana

Hey Sao Paulo, don’t miss this! Awesome self published books by artists. My zines, including the new one “Nothing Special” will be available at Espaço Tijuana with some zine packs collab with Mildred, also left a couple Michael Hsiung’s zines there too. Our zines will be at the Estudio Campo table, check out her website it is pretty cool!


High in the Bay is back on track and SUMMER SALE starts now! Spend $35 or more and get 20% OFF your purchase, all items included! Use code: SUMMERTIME on check out.

Art Shows and blah blah blah

wonder fair art show

way out there on kansas there’s this sweet show, many awesome artists and their skills to make reproductions/prints/screen prints etc. i’m on this show, mildred and michael hsiung and mark tood, esther pearl watson and matt furie and many more! i’m stoked! the show goes until january so if you’re in the area check it out!

i sent zines, posters and stickers. side by side with my fave artists. hooray!

thanks wonder fair! :)

post it show @ giant robot LA is coming soon.

i freaked out a bit cause matt groening is in this show, and i dont deserve the honor. the big book of hell is one of the most amazing creations ever made .

i made 20 post its for the show.

need to stop drawing on pink paper now. bye

old stuff at the shop




it’s new for you, to me it’s good old times screenprinting at home.


i’m putting together my online store, HIGH IN THE BAY. the plan is sell zines and stuff i make including original drawings.

zines. really?

i always had this kind of rule about making my zines: it’s the place where i can use any drawing, say anything and everything i want and usually won’t ever use anywhere else or publish online. that’s why they are special to me.

anyway, my buddy michael hsiung posted this on the shiny squirrel blog! and man, michael rules! he’s one of my fave people ever!

and at last but not least, i read this note that fabio zimbres wrote about my zines on his juxtapoz blog.  and i don’t know him in person, but his art i do and it’s rad! and it’s such an honor. i’m lucky my zines are safe in the right hands :)

oh yeah, you can  find SHITFACE @ Needles and Pens (San Francisco), Al’s Comics (San Francisco), Lower Haters (San Francisco), Together Gallery (Portland, OR), Desert Island (Brooklyn, NY). For Mad fro Sadness go to Human Pyramids store or contact me. thank you.