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The last BENDGY of the year!

That’s right! We’re screen printing a whole new serie of one of a kind t-shirts!

Ultima chamada Brasil ;-)


Don’t cry tomorrow’s tears, enjoy BIG SALE now!

Sale @ HIgh in the bay!

Pssssst, there a sweet sale at High in the Bay from today until Jan 01. Use the code BIGSALE on checkout. Spread the word!! :)


i always thought union is a good thing, apparently in the art world that’s not a common thought. i’m still gonna go against the current for what i believe it’s worth it, that’s one of the reasons that i got HIGH IN THE BAY going on.

MZK, a fucking amazing artist from Sao Paulo (BR)

MZK. is for sure one of my big inspirations specially cause he used to make comics and zines in sao paulo, and that’s though! cause nobody cares about it there. well, almost nobody.and i always loved his zines and his lines are so damn good!

i don’t mean to diss people that don’t read comics, i wish i could talk about art without relating to the lack of interest of people towards it, but i can’t.  my idea here is helping spread the word! so when i was in brazil last month i managed to meet some of my favorite artists to hang out and get some of their stuff to bring it over to san francisco. for example, i brought these sweet posters from the magnificent MZK.


the point is making it easier to get good people and good art together in a safe and easy way to buy online. and that’s what HIGH IN THE BAY stands for!

i put up some of the shirts and sweatshirts i screen printed in brasil. lil homage here to THE man, John Waters (who still doesn’t have his own website and it makes me proud of him).

got some mildred’s and a collab between us both too.

see? there’s a bunch of tee’s!

and there’s 2 new original BIG drawings by my pal DANIELONE


another amazing artist from sao paulo, he’s my pal, his art was at SPXSF show, he was my best man at the wedding, he kicks ass!


i mean it, his art is amazing detailed. he’s got some real skills!


and here’s another big one…


and i got some of the awesome big packs from CHOQUE CULTURAL GALLERY and i mean it, it is worth it every penny! it comes with many posters and stickers, buttons, postcards and even a wrist band!


those are real collectibles. posters printed at grafica fidalga, hell yeah!


SPETO is an oldschool artist from the sao paulo art and grafitti scene. his art is gnarly! i’m always impressed by his creativity and technique.

choque cultural

choque is such a cool gallery! who else makes awesome shit like this??


SHN is an art crew from americana, in the state of sao paulo. they’ve been making art for a long time and always reprezenting for real in whatever cool art activity going on in Sao Paulo. they were a constant presence at BENDGY, oh yeah! they’ve been everywhere. recently they made a sick installation in a museum in zurich, switzerland. way to go!

carlos dias aka ASA

what to say about carlos dias except that he is a national hero and he paints with his heart and it’s all there, raw and honest in your face. my hero for sure!

and each pack comes with a bunch of postcards and stickers and a tara mc pherson ballom and buttons and phewwww, yeah it’s a REAL goodie pack!

H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y * H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H *